Qi Huang

About Me

I am currenty serving as the Engineering Leader of Short-Video Architecture unit at Kuaishou Inc. My org focuses on building the infrastructure that powers the creation-to-consumption experiences for all Kuaishou's affiliated short-video apps across the globe. My technical background lies in analysis and design of large scale distributed systems, so topics including distributed processing, storage, cache, and networked systems pique my interest.

Prior to Kuaishou, I was a senior Engineering Manager on the Infrastructure team at Facebook (now Meta), where I worked on a variety of systems along its content-serving stack, and help initiated its first uniform video platform, Streaming Video Engine, to scale video processing across all Facebook family products for billions of users.

Prior to my Facebook era, I studied distributed systems under Ken Birman and Robbert van Renesse, with great support from both Cornell and Facebook Graduate Fellowship. I was also once a graduate student at SCTS&CGCL, where my early research started with wide-area content distribution protocols such as Gossip, Multicast, and P2P.



  • SVE: Distributed Video Processing at Facebook Scale.
    Qi Huang, Petchean Ang, Peter Knowles, Tomasz Nykiel, Iaroslav Tverdokhlib, Amit Yajurvedi, Paul Dapolito VI, Xifan Yan, Maxim Bykov, Chuen Liang, Mohit Talwar, Abhishek Mathur, Sachin Kulkarni, Matthew Burke, Wyatt Lloyd.
    [PDF] [Slides]
    ACM SOSP 2017, Shanghai, China. Oct, 2017

  • Popularity Prediction of Facebook Videos for Higher Quality Streaming.
    Linpeng Tang, Qi Huang, Amit Puntambekar, Ymir Vigfusson, Wyatt Lloyd, Kai Li.
    ATC 2017, Santa Clara, California, USA. July, 2017

  • 2015

  • Gorilla: A Fast, Scalable, In-Memory Time Series Database.
    Tuomas Pelkonen, Scott Franklin, Justin Teller, Paul Cavallaro, Qi Huang, Justin Meza, Kaushik Veeraraghavan.
    VLDB 2015, Kahola Coast, Howaii, USA. August, 2015

  • RIPQ: Advanced Photo Caching on Flash for Facebook.
    Linpeng Tang, Qi Huang, Wyatt Lloyd, Sanjeev Kumar, Kai Li.
    [PDF] [Theoretical Analysis] [Video]
    USENIX FAST 2015, Santa Clara, CA, USA. February, 2015

  • 2014

  • Characterizing Load Imbalance in Real-World Networked Caches.
    Qi Huang, Helga Gudmundsdottir, Ymir Vigfusson, Daniel Freedman, Ken Birman, Robbert van Renesse.
    [PDF] [Slides]
    ACM HotNets 2014, Los Angeles, CA, USA. October, 2014

  • Analysis and Design of Advanced Caching Solutions for the Modern Web.
    PhD Thesis, Cornell University. August, 2014

  • 2013

  • An Analysis of Facebook Photo Caching.
    [PDF] [Slides] [Slides in Chinese] [Poster] [Video] [Facebook Engineering Blog Post]
    Qi Huang, Ken Birman, Robbert van Renesse, Wyatt Lloyd, Sanjeev Kumar, Harry C. Li.
    ACM SOSP 2013, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, PA, USA. November, 2013

  • Earlier

  • Live Network Streaming with Utilities and Cost.
    Ymir Vigfusson, Annie Liu, Winnie Liue, Yuanchao Zhu, Gunnar Sigurbjornsson, Kristjan V Jonsson, Qi Huang, Ken Birman, Daniel A. Freedman.
    ACM LADIS 2013, Madeira, Portugal. July, 2012

  • Live Streaming with Utilities, Quality and Cost.
    Ymir Vigfusson, Ken Birman, Daniel A. Freedman, Qi Huang, Kristjan V. Jonsson, Gunnar Sigurbjournsson.
    Brief Announcement, ACM PODC 2012, Madeira, Portugal. July, 2012

  • Overcoming CAP with Consistent Soft-State Replication.
    Ken Birman, Daniel A. Freedman, Qi Huang, Patrick Dowell.
    IEEE Computer. Feburary, 2012

  • Amnesia-Free Scalable Consistency for Cloud Computing.
    Ken Birman, Daniel A. Freedman, Qi Huang.
    Work-in-Progress, ACM SOSP 2011, Cascais, Portugal. October 2011

  • Kevlar: A Flexible Infrastructure for Wide-area Collaborative Applications.
    [PDF] [Slides]
    Qi Huang, Daniel A. Freedman, Ymir Vigfusson, Ken Birman, Bo Peng.
    ACM/IFIP/USENIX Middleware '10, Bangalore, India. November 2010.

  • Quilt: A Patchwork of Multicast Regions.
    [PDF] [Slides] [Poster]
    Qi Huang, Ymir Vigfusson, Ken Birman, Haoyuan Li.
    ACM DEBS '10, Cambridge, UK. June 2010.

  • Optimizing Information Flow in the Gossip Objects Platform.
    Ymir Vigfusson, Ken Birman, Qi Huang, Deepak Nataraj.
    LADIS '09, SIGOPS Operating System Review, , 43(5). April 2010.

  • GO: Platform Support For Gossip Applications.
    Ymir Vigfusson, Ken Birman, Qi Huang, Deepak Nataraj.
    IEEE P2P '09, Seattle, WA, USA. September 2009.

  • Edge Mashups for Service-Oriented Collaboration.
    Ken Birman, Jared Cantwell, Daniel A. Freedman, Qi Huang, Petko Nikolov, Krzys Ostrowski.
    IEEE Computer, Vol. 42, No. 5, p. 92-96. May 2009.

  • Building Collaboration Applications That Mix Hosted and P2P Content.
    Ken Birman, Jared Cantwell, Daniel A. Freedman, Qi Huang, Petko Nikolov, Krzys Ostrowski.
    IEEE ICWS '09, Los Angeles, CA, USA. July 2009.

  • SOLO: Self Organizing Live Objects.
    Qi Huang, Ken Birman.
    Cornell Technical Report, 2008

  • P2P Live Streaming with Tree-Mesh Hybrid Overlay.
    Qi Huang, Hai Jin, Xiaofei Liao.
    HOT-MP2P, IEEE ICPP '07, Xi'an, China. July 2007.

  • Service

  • IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems 2016, Cloud Computing and Data Center Systems Track.
    Program Committee

  • ACM/IFIP/USENIX Middleware 2015, Industry Track.
    Program Committee

  • IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software, 2013.

  • ACM International Conference on Autonomic Computing, 2012.

  • IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2011 & 2009.

  • Mentoring

  • During the summer 2014, I have been fortunate to mentor a great PhD intern Linpeng Tang from Princeton on two projects: designing ways to loadtest Facebook's video infrastructure; and building novel static-content cache on modern flash devices.

  • During the 2011-2012 school year, I was involved in mentoring a MEng project (Landmark Recognition Cloud System) supervised by Ken Birman, Noah Snavely and Daniel A. Freedman. With a group of excellent students: Ansu Abraham (2011), Hee Jung Ryu (2011), Kaushik Nataraj (2011-2012), Scott Phung (2011-2012), Abdelrahman Kamel (2011-2012), and Shivendra Singh (2011-2012) we won the CS M.Eng 2012 Team Project of the Year award and BOOM 2012 Competition Innovation award.

  • Teaching

  • CS6410 Advanced Systems Fall 2012.
    Covering Lecture and Discuss Projects

  • CS5412 Cloud Computing Spring 2012.
    Covering Lecture, Discuss Projects and Grade Presentations